Blocked Drains


Blocked drain removal — A and R Bialek Plumbing in Rutherford, NSW
Have you noticed one of your drains isn’t clearing quickly enough? Or is the water level in your toilet higher than usual, maybe even overflowing? These frustrating symptoms can be indicators of a drainage problem.
Some of the most common issues caused by blocked drains are higher water levels in toilets, bad smells, slow draining water and even gurgling sounds coming from the drain. These are usually early signs of the problem, before the issue has become serious enough to cause more damage.
However, one of your toilets clogging is not necessarily indicative of a problem with the toilet itself but with the plumbing system. It can indicate there is a blocked drain somewhere else in the system, usually outside the house or business. If you get in touch with A & R Bialek Plumbing, we can come to your location with the high-tech tools needed to identify and repair the problem correctly.

Drain Inspections


We take a systematic approach to identify and assess drain blockages. This also enables us to pinpoint the exact area of the blockage, once we know that, we can determine the right method to fix the issue.

Permanent Repairs


Finding the cause of the blockage is key to preventing it from recurring. There are many reasons drains can become blocked with many of those relating to a buildup of different things being flushed down the drain.

These can include toilet paper buildup, soap, hair and fatty food waste. Trees growing too close to the building can become a major problem for plumbing systems as well. Pipes are the perfect environment for tree roots looking for water and other nutrients. Over time as the roots of the trees grow, they can create cracks in plumbing pipes which they then grow into, causing a blockage that may not be apparent until it’s more serious.

In the case of tree roots we can remove the roots but in some cases, the actual tree may need to be removed as well.

If you are experiencing blocked drain issues in Maitland, Rutherford or the surrounding areas, A & R Bialek Plumbing can repair the problem thoroughly and affordably.